About Institute

About Institute

Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi is registered as an Independent , Public Policy Think Tank and Scientific Research Institute at New Delhi, with an Objective of working for empowerment of weaker sections of the society to ensure Social Justice (Social Sustainability), to play a pivotal role to Conserve Energy, Water and Other Natural Resources for maintaining ecological balance to protect the Planet, ensuring Environmental Sustainability and overall improvement of Lives and Livings of Common Man, through Scientific Research, Innovations and engaging with communities at grass-root level. IISD strives to put India into Sustainable Path, which is Inclusive and Equitable in overall Political, Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental direction. Moreover, IISD works with the United Nation Organizations, The World Bank, Central and State Governments, Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Agencies, Industries, Academia, Premier Scientific Research Institutes, Private and Public Sector Organizations, Multinationals (MNCs) and credible National/International Laboratories including Civil Society Organizations (CBOs), using Research, Policy Advisory & Social, Scientific and Engineering Consultancy as appropriate tools to attain its basic Objectives. 

Rapid advancements in technology, science and innovation coupled with accelerating economic activity and global mobility are generating new forms of prosperity in India. Yet, inequality and unemployment are growing, environmental crises are on the rise, depletion of our finite natural resources at alarming rate, unpredictable weather conditions and frequent unexpected Natural Disasters on regular basis, in the context of control of the global commons today is highly contested. Especially when, Emerging forms of political authorities are fragmenting traditional governance arrangements of the society, Disruptive platforms for independent enquiry, collaboration and public engagement are the greatest need of the hour. New approaches must anticipate the future, co-create pre-emptive responses and cultivate effective public participation at bottom of the governance pyramid to achieve Sustainable Development.

India cannot afford a development paradigm that does not reduce Poverty. Off late India faces the problem of jobless growth with the faster Economic Growth Rate, which is not inclusive. Being having the large number of Poor in the world, India’s Poverty Reduction Challenge is also a global concern. Thus to tackle the challenge of Poverty, India must make its Economic Growth work for the Poor. It must factor into its structure the Poor’s reasons of being Poor i.e. the Ecology on which Poor depends for it's survival. Agriculture and Forests sustain India’s 60% People's Life. So Environment is not just a mere elitist subject, but an Economic Need indeed. So Sustainable Development is an imperative today. IISD focuses its activities on Poverty alleviation through Sustainable Livelihood Generation, Energy Security to sustain the Present Day Economic Growth, Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change that is impacting the Livelihoods of the Poor, more than ever and to push Cleaner Technology, ensuring Sustainable Development of Society.


IISD's organisational structure is designed, to promote creative interdisciplinary approaches that integrate research with policy action in addressing critical societal problems. Following 3 Research Centres together, provide the structure to conduct insightful research that fuels Our Thought Leadership on Public Policy issues and drives our capacity building activities.

These 3 centres as of below represent, broad thematic areas under which, various sub-themes are nested, with many inter-linked programs, which encompass all our professional areas of expertises, as listed in Focus Areas.

  • Centre for Ecological Studies
  • Centre for Sustainable Technologies
  • Centre for Development Policies

IISD besides focusing currently on research, dissemination and advocacy on its core objectives is trying to emerge as a centre for state of the art on environmental education by creating global environmental leaders, with applied knowledge that contributes in a substantial way to sustainable development of the society.

IISD is a leading Public Policy Think Tank and Scientific Research Organization, working for vulnerable communities such as Farmers, Fishermen, rural Artisans and Craftsmen of India at Grassroot level, round the clock, to ensure Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainability, to make Earth a better place to live in, since July 2007.