COVID 19 Response

COVID 19 Response

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Saturday, June 26, asked the Officials to involve Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) / Civil Society Organizations (CVOs) to keep up India’s pace of Vaccination.

In April, the Government’s Empowered Group-3, entrusted with the Responsibility of Co-ordinating with Private Sector, NGOs, UN and International Organisations on Covid-19 Response, which has already reached out to more than 100,000 NGOs by now.

IISD-CMI is undertaking many credible measures at this time of misfortune of COVID 19 Pandemic for each of us as well as Nation and the Planet

  • Building Awareness about Covid-19 Appropriate Behaviour and Government Welfare Schemes
  • Reaching and Helping Out the Poorest People, especially during Migration; Either from Urban Slums to Rural hinterlands and Back, with Prime Support Attention
  • Distributing Personal Health and Hygiene Products, Nutritious Foods/Food Supplements and Healthy Drinks for Human Survival
  • Helping Government in Identifying Covid-19 Hotspots; Spreading this Awareness to General Public, in addition to impressing Stakeholders against the Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Extending Best Possible Livelihood Support for the Weaker to Weakest Sections of the People in their Employment Generation in a Series Of Social Sustainability Initiatives
  • Extending Emergency Medial Support for Hospitalization and Enable Necessary Basic Life Support System to Weaker to Weakest Section Of the People at Bottom-line

Over the past year, IISD-CMI has played a Sterling Role in helping people Pan India, especially those Who are in Distress.