Tell us about IISD ? it's aim, objective and areas of work ? With whom it works and how ?

              Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi is registered as an Independent National Not-for-Profit, Public Policy Think Tank and Research Institute at New Delhi, with an Objective of working for empowerment of weaker sections of the society to ensure Social Justice (Social Sustainability), to play a pivotal role to Conserve Energy, Water and Other Natural Resources for maintaining ecological balance to protect the Planet, ensuring Environmental Sustainability and overall improvement of Lives and Livings of Common Man, through Scientific Research, Innovations and engaging with communities at grass-root level. IISD strives to put India into Sustainable Path, which is Inclusive and Equitable in overall Political, Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental direction. Moreover, IISD works with the United Nation Organizations, The World Bank, Central and State Governments, Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Agencies, Industries, Academia, Premier Scientific Research Institutes, Private and Public Sector Organizations, Multinationals (MNCs) and credible National/International Laboratories including Civil Society Organizations (CBOs), using Research, Policy Advisory & Social, Scientific and Engineering Consultancy as appropriate tools to attain its basic Objectives.

Rapid advancements in technology, science and innovation coupled with accelerating economic activity and global mobility are generating new forms of prosperity in India. Yet, inequality and unemployment are growing, environmental crises are on the rise, depletion of our finite natural resources at alarming rate, unpredictable weather conditions and frequent unexpected Natural Disasters on regular basis, in the context of control of the global commons today is highly contested. Especially when, Emerging forms of political authorities are fragmenting traditional governance arrangements of the society, Disruptive platforms for independent enquiry, collaboration and public engagement are the greatest need of the hour. New approaches must anticipate the future, co-create pre-emptive responses and cultivate effective public participation at bottom of the governance pyramid to achieve Sustainable Development.

Who are the people behind IISD-CMI ?

            Leading Scientists of international repute, along with some credible Policy Makers, Economists, Parliamentarians, Jurist and Media Personalities of India and abroad are behind since the inception and running of the Indian Institute Of Sustainable Development (IISD) and Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi.

How IISD-CMI works ? Does IISD-CMI has branches ?

            IISD and CMI work together with a common synergy, although separately they draw their Research Projects and manage their Finances separately. IISD works on overall umbrella areas of Business, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Whereas CMI Only work on Climate Change Impact Assessment, Adaptation and Mitigation issues including Creation Of Climate Funds or Carbon Finance for reduction of GHG Emissions, to centre-stage the Low Carbon Economy or Decarbonisation of the National Development or Growth Process.

             No, IISD and CMI Both Organizations work from the Indian national capital city New Delhi in National Capital Region (NCR) only – Although they have many Contact Points in Other Indian Cities as well as abroad. They have tie ups with many Partnering Corporate, Business houses, Embassies, Central and State Governments, Region based credible NGOs, Research Organizations and Universities in all most every state and Union Territories of India. They also work at international scenario with global credible networks, with collaborating with Other Renowned Institute of repute, having similar objectives.

Are there any special initiatives of IISD-CMI – Tell details ?

                  Yes One Of Such unique Initiative is where, IISD-CMI has joined hand with UNEP in it’s Trillion (Earlier Billion) Tree Campaign as a Partner from India and organizing massive Tree Plantations, largely topical in nature, as well as promoting Clean Energy Technologies under it’s special programme “India Climate Neutral Programme (ICNP) 2008-30”, launched on June 5th 2008 by Minister for Environment & Forests, Government of India.

Which are the Institutes, Organizations, IISD-CMI has already collaborated in past ?

             In past, IISD-CMI has collaborated with Government Of India, Few Ministries, Planning Commission, UNEP, UNFCCC, UNDP, United Nation’s Information Centre (UNIC), IFC, The World Bank, Few Leading Media Houses Like,  Economic Times, Times Foundation, Amar Ujala, The Dainik Jagaran, Some Credible Educational Institutes, Universities Like, IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow, Amity University, Many Embassies Like that Of USA, Germany, UK, Russia, France, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland etc, Not for Profits Like Auro Path, Sarata Chandra Panigrahi Foundation (SCPF), etc in many of it’s programme, in addition to few credible sector specific issue based Organisation, considering the theme of the Event, Programme or the Project.

What are the training programmes, IISD-CMI organizes at regular basis ?

             IISD-CMI has many MDPs like tailor-made sector specific Capacity Building programmes, on Environment, Social and Business Sustainability, Sector Specific CSR Project Possibilities, on Renewable Energy, Solar, Sustainability Reporting for Corporate, Environment Education Programs for School Children, REDD+, in Aviation Emission Management CORSIA, Programs ranging from Adaptation to Livelihood Options for various Communities, to Sector and Stake-holder specific Carbon Finance Courses – AECTPs (Advanced Executive CDM Training Programmes) etc are being most popular among them now.


Who can be Partners Of IISD-CMI ? What is the benefit of this partnership ?

              One can always join as a Member to IISD-CMI’s Network, as well as a Partner, if it is also working with similar objectives – There are mainly 4 types of partnerships – (i) Diplomatic Missions ( ii) Individuals (Life Membership) (iii) NGO, Universities, Research Institutions, Scientific Laboratories, Professional Bodies, Chambers Of Commerce and Industry and (iv) Industries i.e Could be Small, Medium or Large Scale Category. For further details please refer to Website at Get Involved at Membership and Partnership Page.

Can One can donate IISD-CMI and get Tax Examptation ?

               Yes, One can always donate / support IISD-CMI activities, Campaigns and get Tax Exemption, under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Please Visit the Page “ Support Us “ in the Get Involved Section Of the Website.

What are the popular Events, IISD-CMI Organizing this year ?

               In addition to it’s all 12 Campaigns, Academic Programmes and AECTPs, School Programmes, an National Conference on Adaptation, Plantation Events in almost all Indian states etc. Also Please Visit Our Up Coming Events Page in Media Section Of the Website.

What are the IISD-CMI’s Initiatives for poorer Communities ?

                IISD-CMI is collaborating with World Bank and other premier international Organisations on Solar and Other Renewable Energy Off-grid and On-grid Projects and A&R or LULUCF Community based Projects in Rural areas, largely involving Our Economically Weaker Section of People Such as Women and Tribals Communities in Bio Carbon Funds etc, in addition to running Various Capacity Building Of Farmers and Fishermen Communities in Climate Change Adaptation Projects in different agro-climatic zones of the Countries and few Costal and Mountain States.

How can I advertise in IISD-CMI ?

            Advertisement Rates are available with IISD-CMI Management. You Can draw a great attention for the exceptional promotion Of your Business – simply by advertising in IISD-CMI Websites, at a very Competitive Price, which have huge national and international visitors per Minutes basis – In fact, Our Black & White Advertisement Rates are more than the Colour One, as it is a colourful website, also when it is considered the B & W as ultimately exceptional luxury.

How can I access the IISD-CMI’s Sustainability, Climate Change and GHG Emission Reduction related reference material ?

                For that Look the Home page at Bottom Area – Free Downloads, Otherwise Contact – info@iisdindia.in

Who Can become such a Diplomatic Mission / Corporate/ Institutional / Individual (Life) / Member / Partner ?

                Please refer the Membership and Partnership at the Home page, under Get Involved.

How to intern at IISD-CMI ?

                We believe, Youth have great Professional Potentials, Which need right guidance and appropriate direction at some point of time in their life, for which We are open to Internship, Further Details, You can always find by visiting Our Internship Page at Get Involved at Website.  

Why IISD-CMI’s School Programmes are so popular ?

                 As Children are future of the nation and humanity and their heart and minds are pure and clear, IISD-CMI uses them as the agents of Change to peruse mainly Climate Friendly Life-styles, through a number of drawing, essay, lecturing, and plantation competitions, in addition to Conducting few interesting Site Visits, and Educational Study Tours including Bird’s Watching Programs and formal visits to Lakes, Delhi Zoo, Wetlands of repute and Biodiversity Parks.