Our Values

Our Values

We are committed to the independence and autonomy of our work. We do not accept funding that would compromise or force our independence or promote conflict of interest.

Being the Change Maker
We belive in hard work and strong determination in bringing transformations, while facing all challenges, where our research innovates bringing reforms and making necessary changes in existing systems. Be the change yourself that you want to see in world.

Team Building
We belive in building a strong team, which stands collective, bold and commited to deliver wonders to mankind, with integrated cooperation between one another.

We don't belive in isolation, rather We belive in integrating our knowledge, wishdom, behaivour and research initiative, connecting all the dots and gaps so that our public delivery is extrimely relavent, useful and beneficial for the Society.

International Outlook
We don't belive in transnational boundaries because planetary resources like Air, Water, Sunsine, Wind Flow, Sea Current Movement also don't obey it. We observe the planet as a whole and believe that an international outlook helps us serve India better. At the Institute, we recognise and work on local, national, and global challenges. We aim to keep all research outputs internationally relevant and acceptable around the globe.

Interdisciplinary Research
Our work at IISD seeks to ensure that no one gets left behind in the technology transitions that will shape India’s future and aims to bridge gaps between scientific research, public policy, and public engagement. We are an interdisciplinary research collective that generates policy insights at the interface of technology, society, and sustainability.

We understand that public policy research needs rigour in right direction for appropiate public delivery. At The Institute, We strive to translate our research outcomes into improved governance, in public interest.

We believe that our research should be inclusive enough to ensure Sustainable Development. Inclusive governance emerges, when due consideration is given to diverse forms of research also includes cross border ethnicity, culture and knowledge.

Incubate New Ideas
We bring together researchers, activists, industry, government, media makers, and others, to co-create new ideas and iterative solutions. Through our Research Fellows, Policy Labs, and various Center for Excellences, We are continually growing our collaborative research network.

Cultivate Public Discourse
We aim to translate our research findings in accessible and relatable terms, exploring new forms of participatory research, cultivate public discourse and public dissemination. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships and engagements that can further help us to take towards this goal.

Impact Public Policy
We aim to create evidence-based, anticipatory knowledge, to respond to future public policy challenges and inform decision making across government and industry, which ensures enough positive impact in the society.

We belive in a transparent scientific research process, where hypotheses and experimental designs are developed collabratevely openly and research outcome are made publicly available.

Research Ethics
IISD is committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards in its research and outreach to humanity. This is implemented through comprehensive policies on research and scientific innovations.

We belive in national and international Collaborations and actively seek out strong partnership between similar public policy Think Tanks, Research Instititions, Governments, Scientific Research Laboratories, Industries, Public and Private Sector entities, Community Based Organizations, Educational Institutionals & Universities and United Nation Organization. We belive that the best scientific and research work is done collavoratively, involving a wide range of diverse stackholders with special outreach to each others.

Public Interest
We belive that all our programs are conceived of Public Interest and implemented for public benefit in the larger interests of humanity.