Educational Programmes

Educational Programmes

An educational program is a program developed by the institution, which determines the learning progress of each subject, in all the stages of formal as well as informal education.

School Of Business Sustainability (SBS), IISD and its School of Environmental Education (SEE), along with other leading national level premier educational institutions and Carbon Management School (CMS) Of Carbon Minus India (CMI), New Delhi - organizes a series of Management Development Programs (MDPs) and Certificate Courses on various important topics and themes, time to time, which are in great demand and very popular among Entrepreneurs, Start ups, Research Scholars, Mid-term Corporate Managers and overall the Professionals, who are at the beginning of their Career and looking for a great Career ahead. Some of the Popular Themes are :

- Carbon Audits, Energy Audits, Water Audits
- GHG Inventerization and Carbon Footprint Certification
- CSR and Business Sustainability
- Sustainability Reporting for Industries and Institutions
- Social Audits
- Carbon Trading, CDM, Voluntary Certification
- Solar & Wind Energy Projects Implementation
- Business Opportunity in Organic Farming Sector
- Basics OF Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IOT) , Cyber Security and Blockchain and their Applications
- Smart & Sustainable Cities
- Natural Resources Accounting, Ecological Economics
- Green GDP
- Science in Public Policy
- Circular Economy, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Waste Management
- Elimination of Singe Use Plastic
- Business Opportunities in EV Sector
- CORSIA, Aviation Safety and Aviation Emission Reduction Advisory

Carbon Management School (CMS) is the first of its kind, attempt of Carbon Minus India (CMI), along with IISD and its School of Environmental Education (SEE) and School of Business Sustainability (SBS), to introduce popular and demanding Green Course Curriculum, in the Management Stream (MBA), from various disciplines of Developmental Science and facet of human-life. We have planned for 6 month Post Graduate Certificate Courses, One year Diplomas and Two years Master Degrees, Online and Correspondence Courses and Other specialized Training Programmes on Climate Change and Carbon Finance, with a Specialization in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Programmatic CDM - PoA, LULUCF / Forestry / Agriculture Sector CDM, Technology Transfer in Clean Energy Technologies, GHG Monitoring Protocol - ISO : 14064 /65, VER's Generation and Voluntary Markets , Climate Change Science and Adaptation, Green Building and Architecture, Trading Carbon as an International Compliance Commodity, Legal Aspects of CDM and Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Energy and Water Audits, Carbon Foot Printing, CEOs in Carbon Trading and Mandatory Carbon Markets and International Climate Change Negotiations, Aviation Emission Management and CORSIA along with a Numbers Of Partnering Institutes, Universities and Independent Management Schools and etc. etc. In addition, we at CMI are running many such courses ourselves along with our mother affiliated Institute IISD. We are Credible Knowledge Think Tanks, but those who look for a University Degree or authenticated Certificate of a Credible Established Management School, for them, We have already some Memorandums Of Understandings (MoUs) or tie ups with Other University Grant Commission (UGC) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) affiliated Educational Institutions.

When CMS is experimenting right market potentials of these Green Courses and mode of Certifications under UGC rules and regulations, in fact, had already introduced it's Advanced Executive CDM Training Programme, popularly known as AECTP - Which is now Advanced Executive Training Programme on Carbon Management, Sustainability Reporting and Renewable Energy - has fortunately received overwhelming response from Indian, SAARC, Middle East, African Countries and rest of the World. While Australian DoE's are approaching CMI for their Capacity Building Training Programmes, European Union is asking to extend necessary help to build the Capacity of their Carbon Management Professionals. CMI feels proud enough today, having being successfully conducted 13 AECTPs, one after another in a series on popular demands, We have trained by now more than 717 CEOs, Company Board Of Directors (BODs), MDs and CMDs, 3127 senior and middle level executives from leading Public, Private, Corporate Sectors as well as Government Officials, Chartered Accountants, practicing Individual Consultants, Bankers and Other Academic and Research Professionals till date.

Our School Of Business Sustainability (SBS), IISD and Carbon Management School (CMS), CMI - collectevely both the Schools; are joining hands to bring out an Online Portal to run few popular Virtual Courses and Educational Programs, in collaboration, with many National and International Universities, shortly in post Covid 19 era.

In addition, We also run various School Programs for Speaking relevant Subjects on Sustainability among School and College student and also engage with Other Stake holders and different rural and urban communities at all level, time to time and make them our Partners in this great Journey.

If you wish to get enganged and take the advantage of any of above activities of us at IISD-CMI's educational program, You are welcome to join us, as a Partner and collaborate for enhancing our professional strengh or can avail our educational services in related 51 focus areas of IISD-CMI, You can always Contact us at and

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