Policy Advisory

Policy Advisory

The concept of Policy Advisory was introduced as a way to characterize and analyze the multiple sources of policy advice utilized by governments, in policy-making processes.

IISD-CMI is working right now, with 3 States of India, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar; in providing Public Policy Advisory support for implementing few centrally sponsored schemes in Water and Sanitation, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agricultural, Environment and Forests and Climate Change Sector, in hand-holding State Government Departments to see few national programs of the central government, are getting implemented at the ground level, where our IISD-CMI Staffs are engaged, at the respective locations, who are providing technical know-how, assist State Government Officials in field visits and also are undertaking full care, so that projects achievables and target dates are compiled in time.

We extend Our Policy Advisory Services on Retainer-ship Basis. Any Government Department, Public Sector Undertaking, Corporate Sector, Govt or Private Scientific Laboratory, UN Bodies, Multilateral & Bilateral Organizations, Can always Seek Our Constant Service on a Regular basis for a Fixed Time Period - May be 1 Year to 5 Years Basis, for Which they need to pay us a mutual agreed Financial Package, preferably on a monthly basis, Where We assure to render them to advise, guide, monitor, evaluate matters of their interests and report on regular basis. We take the responsibility Of Confidentiality, Secrecy and Quality Of Work Delivery.

On a Non Judicial Stamp Paper, as per the legal terms, an agreement is executed between IISD and Other Party, Parties Interested, followed by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which is executed to maintain the Secrecy and confidentiality of the Joint Work Assignment.

If you wish to get enganged and take the advantage of any of above activities of us at IISD-CMI's educational program, You are welcome to join us, as a Partner and collaborate for enhancing our professional strengh or can avail our Policy Advisory services in related 51 focus areas of IISD-CMI, You can always Contact us at sustainableinstitute@gmail.com and contact@carbonminus.org