Vision and Mission


Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi is registered as a National Independent Not-for-Profit, Public Policy Think Tank and Research Institute at New Delhi, with an objective of working for ensuring overall improvement of lives and living of Common Man, through Scientific Research, Innovations and engaging with communities at grass-root level. IISD strives to put India into a Sustainable Path that is Inclusive and Equitable, involving People, Planet and Business.

Our Vision is to emerge as one among the leading global Knowledge & Action Think Tanks and a Centre of Excellence, in the fields Sustainability, ensuring Peace, Prosperity and Sustainable Development for the mankind, in harmony with Nature, to sustain this Planet, with full of hopes and lives ahead, forever.


For more than a decade, IISD has worked on social, environmental and business sustainability issues from local to global policy levels. IISD envisions a society committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our mission is to generate rigorous interdisciplinary knowledge for achieving environmental conservation, social equity and sustainable development and to enable the use of this knowledge by policy makers and other stakeholders of the society, and to create the next generation Leaders of Sustainability.

Our work at IISD seeks to ensure that no one gets left behind in the technology transitions that will shape India’s future and aims to bridge gaps between scientific research, public policy, and public engagement. We are an interdisciplinary research collective that generates policy insights at the interface of technology, society, and sustainability.

We believe that evidence-based policy, anticipatory knowledge in respond to future policy challenges and inform decision making across government and industry, supported by broad-based public engagement, must steer technology and sustainability trajectories in India.

We aim to translate our research findings in accessible and relatable terms, exploring new forms of participatory research, cultivate public discourse and public dissemination. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships and engagements that can further help us to take towards this goal.

We are working for the empowerment of women and also the weaker sections of the society to ensure Social Justice (Social Sustainability), to play a pivotal role to Conserve Energy, Water and Other Natural Resources for maintaining ecological balance to protect the Planet, ensuring Environmental Sustainability and improving overall Lives and Livings of the People, ensuring Sustainable Development.

IISD focuses its activities on Poverty alleviation through Sustainable Livelihood Generation, Energy Security to sustain the Present Day Economic Growth, Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change that is impacting the Livelihoods of the Poor, and to push Cleaner Technology, Renewable Energy, Circular Economy, Access to Clean Air & Indoor Environment, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Organic Farming, Natural Resources Accounting, Smart Villages & Cities, Sustainable Industrial Productions, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, etc. initiatives, for ensuring overall Sustainable Development of Society.

To deliver on our mission, in addition, we also work across issues like Biodiversity Conservation, Development of Land, Energy and Water Resources, Forests & Ecosystem Services and combating Desertification.

IISD serves as a clearing house of Information and Knowledge on Sustainability matters, not only for India, but also for the World. We regularly publish Books, Periodicals, Journals, Reviews, Technical Papers, Pamphlets on relevant focus areas of it's research. Moreover, IISD is also striving to publish "International Journal of Sustainability (IJS)".