Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

You can join as a Volunteer, in our ongoing research projects for undertaking field visits in conducting primary surveys at any part of the country or working with us in Urban Slum areas for social and environmental living condition improvements and creating necessary awareness on sustainability matters.

In addition, you can also join us to assist in our IISD-CMI Events as a Volunteer.

If you are interested in any of our IISD-CMI's such 15 National Campaigns, can also – Join as a Volunteer. Every Volunteer is the entitle for coded e-Certificate from IISD-CMI.

• Say No to Single-use Plastic - Campaign
• Climate Friendly Lifestyle Campaign
• Friday – No Car Day Campaign
• IISD-CMI Clean India / Swachh Bharat Campaign
• IISD-CMI-UNEP’s Clean the World and Clean Seas Campaigns
• National Water Conservation / Jal Mitra Campaign
• IISD-CMI's National Green Marathon / Walkathon – Run for the Planet
• National Tree Plantation under UNEP's Trillion Trees Campaign
• CMI-UNEP’s India Climate Neutral Program 2008-30
• Go Veggie Way – Campaign
• Campaign for Sustainable Consumption and Production Methods
• IISD-CMI, Walk, Cycle Campaign to remain Healthy
• Reduce Your Fashion Footprint
• Campaign against Food Wastage
• Campaign for Sustainable Eco Tourism in Ladakh

IISD/CMI are running above Campaigns, partnering with Government of India and Various State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), Corporate Sector, Industry, Scientific and Research Institutions, Public & Private Universities, UN Bodies and Civil Society Organizations since last 11 Years.

Any body who is in very much interested to join as a volunteer and spend some of his/her time with us, in any one or more of the above Campaigns, Please let us know. Those who will complete their volunteership as per Institution's Guidelines & Norms and T&C, IISD will reward them with a coded e-Certificate.

To know details on our Campaigns, Please visit the link below.

Our Campaigns

Join IISD-CMI as a Proud Volunteer

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